Noobees Before and After 2021 (The Television Series Noobees Then and Now 2021)

Noobees Silvia

Actors and Actresses of the series Noobees Before and After 2021 (Noobees television series).

Noobees is an esports teen drama television series. The series premiered on Nickelodeon worldwide, except for Colombia, and United States, on 17 September 2018, followed by its debut in Colombia on RCN Televisión on 6 October 2018. Although the series had an exclusive preview on 14 September 2018 via streaming on Nick Play. On 24 January 2019 Nickelodeon confirmed that the series had been renewed for a second season. Which is scheduled to premiere on 2 March 2021. The series stars Michelle Olvera, best known for her character in Telemundo’s series La Doña

Actors in English of Noobees Then and Now 2021 are :

Mister M – Lion Bagnis

2018 – 2021

Silvia – Michelle Olvera

2018 – 2021
2018 – 2021