Kally’s Mashup and After 2021 (The Television Series Kally’s Mashup Then and Now 2021)

Actors and Actresses of the series Kally’s Mashup Before and After 2021 (Kally’s Mashup television series).

Kally´s Mashup is an Argentine musical telenovela premiered on Nickelodeon Latin American on October 23, 2017. It stars Maia Reficco and Alex Hoyer as the titular’s character.
In May 2018, it was confirmed that the show has been renewed for a second season.
In October 2019 was confirmed that a third season is in development. From 2020, the series has two seasons (120 episodes). The third season was approved on May 27, 2020, the premiere will most likely take place in 2021. Many countries wanted to buy the third season including (France, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Brazil) to get information on its production. The Nick channel from Poland also reported interest, although it did not even broadcast the entire first season. The series was to be shot in Mexico, and the songs were arranged. In the series’ songs, apart from the genre of contemporary music, many real works of classical music by famous composers were used, including Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Actors in English of Kally’s Mashup Then and Now 2021 are :

Kally – Maia Reficco

2017 – 2021
2017 – 2021

Dante – Alex Hoyer

2017 – 2021